Kids Lesson

To develop children piano playing scale from beginner to advance levels.

To take part in exams from ABRSM grade 1 to grade 8. Including dip ABRSM, ATCL, LTCL

To learn classical pieces from baroque 17th century to classical 18th, 19th and 20th centuries

To learn theory of Music ABRSM grade 1 to 8 included in the lessons.

To develop student’s hearing power from musical sounds, therefore aural training is conducted       every lesson.

To develop students sight reading power grade 1 to 8.

Rehearsal of exams

To know the essentials of playing scales

To develop aural, visual, kinethetics, and analytical skills of piano

Free Trail Lesson:

Paul is confident in providing your child a great learning experience and in this limited offer, Paul is offering a free trail lesson to all his new students.

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