About your piano teacher. Paul

As a child, Paul had always loved the sound of piano. Unlike most children, Paul’s yearning was not for toys but playing the piano. He dreamed of the day when he too would be able to bring out the beautiful sounds on its ivory keys. Laying his first touch on the piano at the age of 17. Paul began an intensive practice of 8 hours daily for four years. Finally at the age of 21, Paul passed his Grade 8 examinations and was also accepted as a teacher in Yamaha Music School after an audition where the examiner was much impressed by his musicality.In 1978, Paul completed his Grade 8 Piano & Theory examination by The Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). Soon after in 1980, he obtained his Yamaha Music Foundation Teacher Certificate which is graded by Yamaha Music Foundation. In 1985, Paul reached another milestone by completing Licentiate Teacher’s Diploma which is awarded by Trinity College of Music, London.In these recent years of teaching piano to his beloved students, Paul has received many appreciations which are his greatest source of satisfaction. He leads a tranquil life by practicing piano in his home studio.

*Students Concert will be on the November 30th, 7 p.m. Every student will be performing one piece


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